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Adjective [Swahili] Free


Knowledge = Freedom

Every one wants to experience that surreal feeling of freedom right? 

Freedom is a true state of bliss.

A bit like your favourite kiss, some may say. 

(Definitely not your first kiss though! I mean that’s generally pretty bad right?)

HURU LEARN, your new cool kid on the block is bringing a new curated approach to online learning.

With handpicked topics taught by the super-duper self starter entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective fields, HURU LEARN will help its chicks, fledgelings and birds develop themselves into well rounded soaring eagles who have the power to Move freely, onwards, upwards and outwards into the world, without restriction or hesitation.

Irrespective of your geographical location, you have the power to Learn, expand and soar.

HURU LEARN’s Mission is to help you feel more confident and capable so that you perform better and move freely in every aspect of your life, gaining fulfilment from each moment, everyday.

Meet Your Huru Gurus

Courtenay Kleu

Hey there! Before you hop onto the magic carpet ride journey through my history, I must warn you it may be a lengthier  than you anticipate but hey, magic carpet rides are cool nonetheless right..?

I was born a chronically shy child in South Africa. What’s pretty crazy (and interesting), as a result of my shyness, I was perceived as stupid and incapable of keeping up with my class mates.  Tests showed differently and my intelligence and learning capabilities were, in fact, intact. I suppose this was the first lesson I learnt in life and hopefully you will learn it sooner rather than later, ‘You don’t have the privilege of being shy because people will perceive you as incapable and often overlook you for positions’; or they will quite frankly think you are arrogant and conceited since you don’t want to engage with them!

At the age of four I fell 6 metres off a mezzanine level onto a concrete floor landing on my head. Even at such a young age I remember myself leaving my body. All of a sudden there was a change of perspective as I now looked down on my body! I’ll never forget the feeling of "peeling" out of my body, it felt like the most natural thing to do. I can't say how long I stayed in this peaceful space for but I vaguely remember being found and rushed to the hospital. Miraculously doctors found no injuries except for a mild concussion. I think that it was from this early, life altering and spiritual experience my deep connection with spiritualism began as I realised at this very young age that mind, body and soul were separate entities and all needed to be developed in their unique way.

My middle years:
Flash forward a couple of years and climb up a couple of units of confidence, I attended an all girls boarding school where I came out of my shell and turned into a pretty confident teenager (for the most part being a teenager is pretty weird though). I made an extremely tight group of friends and 17 years on we are still the best of friends which is pretty exceptional.

My Later Years:
After boarding school, I went on to study a Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Postgraduate in Entrepreneurship. The usual student behaviours ensued, nothing dramatically earth shattering happened except for the two ‘’very’ important pieces of papers that my degrees were printed on. Following this, I spent 13 months travelling across the globe to 13 countries. I spent time in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nepal, India, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Holland, Spain and Israel. I became a travelling hippie making and selling jewelry to fund my travels. I even had to beg for a couple of spare dollars to pay for my border crossing into Cambodia. On these travels I met an array of colourful characters all with interesting pasts and experiences and in fact it was on these travels that I learnt that everyone has experienced something phenomenal or incredible in their lives, as long as you take an interest in them and ask enough questions, they will eventually bless you with that story.

I came back with a beautiful belief that wealth was an internal state of being not a bank balance, I still believe this, but if you don’t nurture that bank balance, life will be a little more challenging than your 21 year old self believes.
I have continued to travel to a total of 55 countries. In fact most of my savings are spent exploring new corners of the planets, different cultures and sacred spiritual sites.

Now for the Resume (Yawn but necessary!)
Once I discovered that my purpose was to help people raise themselves up, I then pursued this passion with all my effort. For over 10 years I have spent my personal and professional time gaining more fascinating and useful knowledge that I can share with my clients and students.
I started my foray into this high level human development by studying Neurolinguistics programming,
I then travelled to The Protocol School of Washington to learn how to train strategic business soft skills and situationally appropriate behaviour.
I then travelled to New York and studied at The New York School of Etiquette in order to learn how to best present one’s personal brand so that people want to buy into you.
I travelled to the European School of Protocol and studied International diplomacy and protocol so that I could advise government on strategic high level behaviour within the international relations arena,
I travelled to Spain and studied Strategic Body Language and Microexpressions, I travelled to the Netherlands to study Intercultural Management and finally I studied Negotiation and Image Consulting on my home soil, South Africa. All this gathered information is what I use to pack my training with hard facts, interesting stories, and most importantly strategic skills.

I am possessed by a fire deep within me to create change, purpose, motivation and growth in other people, and naturally, in myself. I have started three companies in the space of high level human performance. I often have people from very far corners of the world commenting, ‘I wish I could come to your school but I unfortunately I live in Iran or Argentina or wherever....’ It was because of these beautiful people that HURU LEARN is my newest brainchild, a way to help anyone and everyone access our trainings.

Thanks for taking the time to meet me.

Leave some comments below and introduce us to who you are...

Kane William Pretorius

When human beings experience Social Anxiety and those moments of just flat out awkwardness in their day to day interactions with people, they truly miss out on great opportunities, not too mention a lot of the joys of life. That’s where I come in… I have worked with hundreds of people to help them overcome their awkwardness and anxiety so that they feel comfortable in those panic stricken moments.

I share really useful life skills to improve your:

  • Conversational Intelligence(CIQ) & Emotional Intelligence(EQ)
  • Interpersonal communication & Professional/Social Impressions
  • Leadership Style and Organisational Culture
I have also spent much time exploring insights on the science behind how TRUST is formed in both people’s personal and professional lives, leading to overall healthier relationships. I have coached and trained over 10 000 people ranging from Interns to captains of industry, to Managing Directors of Large Multinational Organisations, and have been featured on ENCA Morning Show, Destiny Man, Signature, Huisgenoot, YOU Magazine and many more. I help you overcome those moments of sheer panic when you tend to ‘dive into your pocket to find your phone, hoping it will save you from this awkward moment you find yourself in’. If you’re looking to become the next calm, in-control and dynamite-impression making machine, then I’m your guy.